I'm VESEN (also known as Azuma Touga as a VTuber) and I'm an audio engineer for Utaite, Youtaite and VSinger projects such as cover songs, original songs etc.I work with many genres, my strong suit being EDM, electronic and pop songs. I've participated in many projects of small to large scales including work for various companies and have experience mixing solo vocals as well as group collabs. I'm known for delivering high quality work within a short time frame, as well as being flexible and understanding each client's preferences when it comes to nuances of audio mixing.You can view my most recent work examples in my 2023 mix playlist, and my personal selection of best quality mixes on the works page.Extra note #1: I do not provide original song creation, arrangement or lyrics writing services. I only work with existing compositions and the client's vocal recordings.Extra note #2: I strongly prefer if the client contacts me with finished vocal recordings on hand. I do not have a waitlist, my commissions are open indefinitely.Make sure to read my terms and guidelines before contacting me. If you would like to commission me, feel free to inquire about availability on Twitter!

Recording guidelines:

  • All vocal tracks must be sent in .wav format (mono, 24bit, 44.1khz or 48khz)

  • Vocal lines that overlap with eachother should be placed in different files

  • Leave a few seconds of background noise in a track for the sake of cleaning the vocals

  • Avoid clipping (loudness distortion) on the vocals and record on the same proximity from your mic throughout the whole song. Please do not apply any effects on or edit your raw takes

  • If any lines need to be copy and pasted, please specify using timestamps

  • Provide the highest quality of the instrumental track available

  • Make sure your vocals are in the same key as the instrumental, as tuning the vocals to a drastically different key will cause them to sound heavily processed. In case a key change is needed, let me know.

General rules:

  • I do not allow any modifications to my mixes: mixing extra files into the finished audio, re-mixing the acapella, re-mastering the mix, etc. I will not share mix stems, separate processed tracks or project files. Please respect this if you want to commission me.

  • No refunds.

  • Any mix will be worked on in the order of queue. Commissions with a deadline of a week or shorter will require a rush fee. (see prices)

  • I'm willing to make as many revisions as the client finds necessary, however within reason (e.g. I cannot fix the quality of your recordings, the instrumental or add something not included in the files provided)

  • Make sure to download the final mix and any extra files no later than 3 months after the mix has been approved, as I will not be responsible for any files lost, nor will I be able to make any revisions past the 3 month time limit.

  • I accept payment via PayPal. Any information provided by the service is strictly confidential between me and the client.

  • Make sure to credit me and leave a link back to my Twitter or Youtube, or both

  • Being unaware of any terms on this page doesn't grant the customer the right to break them.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission

By sending me a DM with the order form, you agree to the terms listed on this page.
Last modification: Aug 01 2022

Contact form (please fill in and submit via twitter DMs):

Mix type: (cover, original song, narration, other) / (solo, duet, trio, other) / (mix only, full mix, other)
Link to the original song or reference track:
Link to your files (including the original and instrumental versions of the song):
Any specific requests:
PayPal email (for the invoice):

Contact me on Twitter - I don't use other social media for commission orders. Thank you!

Vocal edit + mix package includes cleaning, tuning, timing, mixing and mastering of your vocalsMix only package includes cleaning, mixing and mastering. let me know if any specifics applyMix complexity may subject the price to varyI don't offer tuning/timing-ONLY services. A full mix package will include both tuning and timing unless requested to only include one or the other.

typemix onlyvocal edit + mix
chorusDM with details to get a quote 

TV-size / short songs (1:30 min or shorter): -30%Artificial harmonies: $20 recreated from the original || $50 customized harmonies for your coverCommercial use: starts from +$100 (PAID distribution, monetized uploads, does NOT apply to regular YouTube cover uploads)<7 days rush mix: +$50
<3 days rush mix: +$100

On this page are several example works of my recent mixing projects.
Do keep in mind that the final mix result largely depends on the materials provided by the vocalist - including mic and tracks quality, recording environment, quality of the instrumental audio. Works linked above all utilize proper recording techniques and equipment, as well as highest available file quality.
For more, check out my playlist of select mixing works on YouTube.

@Sen*******3/31 / rush

Non-rush and unspecified estimate deadlines are subject to change in rare cases depending on my availability and personal circumstances

Experimental mix + MV commissions$400 - includes full vocal edit, mix, mastering and a design-focused motion graphics lyric video.

  • All terms of service regarding the mix will be the same as for my main mixing commissions. Please take a moment to read through them if you would like to commission me for a mix + MV package first.

  • The motion graphics are highly experimental and I cannot offer complicated camera movements or 3D asset use. The main focus will be composition design and layout. Please make sure you are familiar with my work and agree that the music video you receive will be made in a similar style.

  • Following the aforementioned rule, I reserve the right to only one round of revisions for the MV. Allowed revisions include technical corrections (lyrics, credits section etc) or minor changes to the color scheme or used graphic effects. I will not be able to edit or add complex motion or typography.

  • I do not offer MV-only commissions. I will only accept an inquiry if the client is interested in a full mix + MV package.

To apply, please submit the following form via Twitter DM:

Mix type: (cover, original song, narration, other) / (solo, duet, trio, other) / (mix only, full mix, other)
Link to the original song or reference track:
Link to your audio files (including the original and instrumental versions of the song):
Link to the illustration and any visual assets you have:
Any specific requests (both mix/mv):
PayPal email (for the invoice):